WUD Talare: Bilgi Karan – The profession of Industrial Design is changing rapidly

16 oktober, 2015

Ännu en talare för WUD är nu publicerad. Vi presenterar Bilgi Karan från Howl!

Bilgi Karan

Sysselsättning inom fältet:
Senior Designer, HOWL Design Studio AB
I design and strategize around Tangible User Experience solutions for clients ranging from startups to multinationals. I come from an Industrial Design background with an emphasis on usability. Now my days are divided between Strategy, UX, UI and ID. I have won several awards but the best prize is still the user thanking me after using something I have designed, after a year.

Kan man följa dig någonstans på internet?
Twitter: @machineError
Blog & Website www.bilgikaran.com
Medium @machineError (www.medium.com/machineError )

Vem är du?
I am a designer of many things from mobile phones to airplanes. I have worked with Sony, Boeing, and other companies from various sizes and backgrounds. I try to design experiences that make a difference for the users and clients. Most of these experiences have a tangible component.

Vad ska du tala om?
The profession of Industrial Design is changing rapidly.
It might seem as if UX Design is taking over the world. Is a good user experience the privilege of screens? Is Industrial Design dead? Or is Design in general becoming more and more overarching, blurring the lines between specialized branches? What does this mean for new designers? How is the future for design professionals? User Experience, started as an intersection set between Industrial Design and Computer Science, has gained momentum, a new meaning and overtook both parents as the prodigy. In this lecture we’ll try to answer the questions above and discuss the future of design within the realm of digital products in a more and more connected world. How can a short feedback and development loop can improve a whole profession and how that might apply to physical objects. What can each design profession can learn from each other.