WUD Talare: Emma Rozada – The perfect storm within the Automotive industry

8 oktober, 2015

Nu presentar vi WUDs första talare, Emma Rozada!

Emma Rozada

Sysselsättning inom fältet:
Design Director, Interaktionsbyrån AB

Emma started her first design-driven technology startup in 2003. It was a touchscreen-based system for restaurants in Bangkok, in the era where device batteries lasted for 1,5 hours.

In 2006, she got her first contact with the automotive industry as a researcher at Volvo Technology, where she designed driver interfaces for peripheral vision, with the result of a granted patent. Since 2007, she is design director and founder of Interaktionsbyrån, a Red Dot Design awarded agency based in Gothenburg with automotive clients from Sweden, Germany, France, UK, US, China and Russia.

With the power to think and build digital products, Emma has also founded a company developing software for empowering small business owners and a company based on a patented solution for secure verification.

Vad ska du tala om?
The perfect storm within the Automotive industry
Most handset manufactures failed to transition from physical keypads to touch screens. The same turbulence now finds its way to the automotive industry. The physical buttons are also finding their way into touch screens, but like the mobile industry, this is not the biggest change.

The automotive industry is not only moving away from liquid fuel to electricity. They are also changing their business model and becoming Software as a Service (SAAS) providers by transforming their organisations from selling cars and rims, to selling the mobility that the vehicle enables. At the same time, the driver is becoming redundant with self driving cars.

The perfect storm is around the corner. What is necessary to survive this storm? What are the trends within the transformation of the automotive industry, and what will the competition be about in the future?