WUD Talare: Oskar Juhlin – Digitizing Fashion

4 november, 2015

Vi presenterar vår sista talare för WUD 2015, Oskar Juhlin, Professor vid Stockholms Universitet.

Oskar Juhlin

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Sysselsättning inom området:
Professor vid Stockholms Universitet

Kan man följa dig någonstans på internet?
Twitter: @oskarju

Vem är du?
Oskar Juhlin is Professor at Stockholm University at the Departement of Computing and Systems Sciences. He is founder and former Director of Mobile Life VinnExcellence Center. He was Director of the Mobility Studio at the Interactive Institute, Stockholm, Sweden in between 2000 and 2011. He has an interdisciplinary background spanning technology and social science. Oskar has conducted work and managed groups in many design research fields such as social media and road traffic, human animal interaction, video interaction and fashion. His approach draws on combining ethnographic fieldwork of user practices with design and technical research, to generate knowledge and new applications, referred to as “associative design”. Recently he has also founded two companies (Figuracy/Shapecompanion AB and Liveling AB) in the areas of social media and fashion, as well as live video production.

Vad ska du tala om?
There is an ongoing trend of digital devices being used in close physical proximity to our bodies, in the same position as our clothes and accessories. It started with the success of mobile phones, continues with the emergent use of smart watches and smart eyewear, and is leading to a future of e.g. organic user interfaces. These devices provide public visual surfaces with the possibility for endless variations of expression. Currently, such devices competes with, rather than interact with, the clothes and accessories we are wearing, and were the latter is embedded in fashion culture and aes¬thetic design. The problem is the deficient connection between wearable technology research and fashion design, which lead to missed opportunities and user dissatisfaction.