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Future of News, project presentations at KTH

Datum: 12 december, 2013
Plats: Q1, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

Tid: 13.00-16.00

You are all invited to the final presentation in the project course Future of Media at KTH. The 5th year students at KTH/Media Technology will present 10 projects and 10 ideas for the Future of News / News of the Future.  The students have worked hard on their projects for the major part of the autumn term and the final presentations usually have a very high entertainment value (interesting, thought-provoking ideas, well-crafted movies and other supporting materials).

The course is given for the 11th year and I personally believe that the presentations this year might be the best and the most ambitions ever. Do note that the 10 project groups go far beyond the issue of current news (-papers) and will also present concepts, ideas and scenarios that treat the future of crowdsourced news, the future of bias in news, the future of responsive news, the death of reading, the future of ads – and more!

Here are eleven (news-related) trends for the next 10-20 years that we have identified in the course, that spans two or more students project and our future news scenarios:

– More mobile devices

– Multiple devices used

– Always connected, always synchronized

– More news channels

– More (co-)creation and sharing

– Personalized/individualized news

– More non-text formats for news

– Increased need for high-speed, high-quality infrastructure/networks

– Hurried, time-pressed news consumers

– More commuting

– Big data & surveillance


For more information, see The Future of News website

Please join us for this event and don’t forget to tell us that you are coming by signing up on this webpage.




/Daniel Pargman & Malin Picha

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