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Datum: 17 augusti, 2015
Plats: Aarhus Denmark

CRITICAL ALTERNATIVES 2015 – The Fifth decennial Aarhus Conference Aarhus Denmark, 17-21 August 2015


We see critical alternatives in alignment with utopian principles?that is, the hope that things might not only be different but also radically better. At the same time, radically better alternatives don?t emerge out of nowhere: they emerged from contested analyses of the mundane present and demand both commitment and labor to work towards them. Critical alternatives matter and make people reflect.

We thus seek theoretical, conceptual, practical and/or methodological contributions that address the conference theme, in the contexts of societal processes and change, cultural expression, civic engagement, work, collaboration, as well as in more intimate spheres.

The decennial Aarhus conferences have traditionally been instrumental for setting new agendas for critically engaged thinking about information technology. The conference is fundamentally interdisciplinary and emphasizes thinking that is firmly anchored in action, intervention, and scholarly critical practice.

In 2005, the title of the decennial Aarhus conference was Critical Computing ? between sense and sensibility.

The disciplinary outreach in 2015 may include: gender, queer, marginal theories; artistic and critical practices; makerism; political activism and movements; new economic theories; approaches to democracy; planning at large and smart cities; Design practice; learning, teaching?

Deadline for full papers 10 February, 2015

Conference co-chairs: Olav W. Bertelsen and Kim Halskov.
Program co-chairs: Shaowen Bardzell and Ole Iversen.

More Information will be available at: www.aarhus2015.org.