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Design by Magic: applying the techniques of magic to user experience design

Datum: 21 februari, 2017
Plats: inUse, Rosenlundsgatan 40 (nära Södra stations mindre utgång), 1 trappa upp till vänster.

Have you ever wondered what techniques stage magicians use to manipulate your perception? Or how they seemingly influence the choices made by audience volunteers?

The chances are that you have. What you have probably not considered is how handy those skills would be for a UX designer. What might you achieve with your design if you were better able to manipulate perception and behaviour?

In this unique and inspirational talk David draws out the connections between magic and user experience design and teaches secret principles – culled from stage magic – that can be applied to user experience design.


David de Léon is currently UX Director at inUse, one of Sweden’s premier design consultancies. He previously worked a decade for Sony and Sony Ericsson with usability, design and innovation. He has a PhD in cognitive science and has taught and lectured about design for academia as well as industry. His academic work has recently been anthologised by Oxford University Press, and his industry experience has resulted in a few dozen patent applications. David is an amateur magician who specialises in psychological illusions. He is a member of the Swedish Magic Circle.

Eventet hålls hos inUse och startar klockan 17:30. Anmäl dig här!