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inUse: Responsive Design Workshop at From Business to Buttons 2015

Datum: 20 april, 2015
Plats: Chinateatern

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Yay! Almost 400 people have already signed up for From Business to Buttons 2015!

Just as last year, there will be workshops on the days before and after the conference. The workshops will be announced one by one during December and January. If you are interested in Responsive Design this first workshop is a real treat!

You’ll get a chance to learn all about it from Ethan Marcotte, the guy who coined the term and wrote the book ”Responsive Web Design”, and Karen McGrane, one of the world’s foremost experts on Content Strategy.

N.B. The number of seats to the workshops are quite few. We have therefore decided to limit the number of tickets to each workshop to 5 per organization.

Workshop: A Day of Responsive Design with Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane
20 April 2015

Ready for responsive? It’s not just about flexible layout anymore: it’s about designing a better process. The challenges companies face go well beyond new design and development techniques—doing responsive design right also requires a new way of thinking about project goals, roles and responsibilities, review and approval processes, and project culture.

We lay the groundwork for understanding responsive design and why it’s important; how your content will need to adapt as you move onto other platforms and devices; how your design and development processes will change; how the tools and deliverables you create will evolve; and how to make responsive design happen in your organization.

You don’t need hands-on experience with front-end coding techniques, but you do need a working knowledge of the web design and development process.

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