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Jobs-to-be-done meetup @ HiQ

Datum: 06 februari, 2018
Plats: Regeringsgatan 20

Customers do not care about you or your products and services.They buy things because they find themselves with a problem that they would like to solve. They have a “job to be done” to put it simple.The job and the solution are two completely different things. With an understanding of the “job” for which customers “hire”a product or service, companies can more accurately develop and market products well-tailored to what customers are already trying to do.

As a friend of HiQ you are welcome to join us at 17.00 on Tuesday February 6th for the #4 JTBD (Jobs-To-Be-Done), hosted by HiQ

The topic for the meetup will be:When to use which user discovery tool?

At #4 JTBD the agenda will be:• We will start at 17.00 for a short introduction to JTBD and Design Thinking, (for those of you who are already familiar with the subject the rest of the program will follow at 17.30).• Cases where different user discovery tools has been used. • Lessons learned – which method is best suited for strategy work, innovation, service design and UX.• Discussion.

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The meetup will be held in english