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Macao International Conference

Datum: 06 december, 2012
Plats: Macau, Kina

2012 China New Media Communication Association Annual Conference, Macao International Conference

Dec 6 – 8, 2012

2012 China New Media Communication Association Annual Conference, Macao International Conference, co-organized by the Department of Communication, University of Macao and China New Media Communication Association (CNMCA) will be held in Macao, a charming enclave of Eastern and Western cultures. We sincerely invite colleagues from all parts of the world to come to Macao, and share with us your ideas about communication and social media.


Accompanied by the development of high technology and the formation of knowledge economy, digital network technology has given rise to social media, which leads to a great transformation of our pattern of communication, mode of production, style of life and even way of thinking. A digital network society has emerged on the horizon.

Digital social networks speed up the globalization and exert great influence on social life and production around the world. Internet-based virtual spaces have become an indispensable communication environment for further globalization.

Against the backdrop of globalization,some crucial issues arise. How does digital network technology reconstruct global society? How do new media influence our concept of time and space, our daily lives and the environment around us? How do social media enhance citizens’ participation and influence group actions? Where is global communication technology
heading for in the future?

CNMCA is the only national academic organization in China specialized in computer-mediated communication studies. Starting in 2004, its annual conference was held in various cities in Greater China including Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It has become the top academic convention in China on new media communication studies.

The Organizing Committee of the conference is now calling for papers from both Chinese and international scholars, media professionals and graduate students. The conference offers Best Student Paper Awards to papers contributed by graduate students of CNMCA members. The winners of the Best Student Paper Awards will receive travel subsidies to come to Macao for
the conference.


The central theme of the conference: Social Media, Digital Network and Globalization.

Related issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of new media and social media
  • New media and cultural and creative industries
  • New media and civil society
  • New media, culture and globalization (including intercultural communication)
  • Advertising and brand communication in relation to new media
  • New media and transformation of traditional media
  • Other related topics

Conference Organizers

  • Department of Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Macao
  • China New Media Communication Association
  • Co-organizer: Macao Association for Internet Research (MAIR)
  • Other sponsors: ERS e-Research Lab and major new media companies in China and Macao (TBD)


Chinese and English. The conference will be held in parallel sessions of Chinese and English. It will establish special forums and a round table discussion in English and Chinese to encourage a cross-cultural dialogue and debate for scholars at home and abroad.

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