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Morning coffee and a lot of good questions

Datum: 27 januari, 2017
Plats: Il Caffe, Drottninggatan 85, Stockholm

Meetup-gruppen Stockholm User Research ska ha en frukostaktivitet:

”Let’s get a new year of User Research Meetups started with a breakfast session. In her blogpost ”How to ask good questions” (https://jvns.ca/blog/good-questions), Julian Evans describes techniques that can make us better at asking questions that result in good answers and make everybody feel good about it.

Do you have tips and trick? Do you have a favorite approach? Do you have a hard nut to crack and need help? Come by and join the discussion!

We are looking forward to hear your insights from the trenches of UX work and let’s keep in mind that this meetup is a format that lives from your contributions to the topic.

The venue of choice this time is Il Café on Drottningatan and we’ll be there for about an hour – but whoever has more time is free to stay longer.”

Börjar klockan 8:30, här finns mer info!