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Nordes ’13, conference

Datum: 09 juni, 2013

The fifth Nordic Design Research Conference, Nordes ’13: Experiments in Design Research: Expressions, Knowledge, Critique takes place in Copenhagen/Malmö in 2013 June 9th – 12th. Hosted by The Royal Danish School of Design and Malmö University.

Nordes 2013 invites designers and design researchers to explore the many aspects of design research as experimental practice.

  • Possible themes include, but are not limited to:
  • Objects of design experiments
  • Experimental expressions
  • Design experiments as critique
  • Experiments in design research versus those in science and art
  • Methods of experiments in design research
  • Staging experiments
  • Places of design experiments
  • Experiments in design education

Nordes 2013 invites contributions that experiment with the conference formats and experimental papers/presentations will receive special attention.

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