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SIDeR 2014

Datum: 16 februari, 2012
Plats: Stockholm

Konferensens datum: 10-11 april, 2014

10th Student Interaction Design Research conference

SIDeR is an international forum for showcasing papers, demos and posters from interaction design students. The conference will take place 10-11th of April, 2014 and will be held in Stockholm, jointly organized by students from the three educational programs in Interaction Design in Stockholm: KTH, Stockholm University, and Södertörn University.

Read more about the conference here.


THEME: The next 10 years of Interaction Design


This year the SIDeR conference is celebrating 10 years of existence, and for this we will of course need to set up a party! We therefore invite all types of experiences that help us celebrate, in the form of interactive party costumes, social games, or anything else that would enhance the spirit of a good party. But we also need to look forward: what will interaction design have become in the next 10 years? Students today (you!) will most likely have a major role in shaping this future, so what are you planning to make? The theme thereby concerns celebration, hopes and dreams, but also challenges to overcome, and perhaps even worries. All submissions are welcome to address this theme in any way and to any extent that they find relevant. We welcome design explorations, case studies, theoretical work, studies of existing interactions, as well as tests and experiments at the cutting edge of interactive technology.


We invite three different types of submissions:

1)     Papers. Papers must not exceed 4 pages (~2000 words) following the standard ACM format. Papers will be reviewed by members of the Program Committee, as well as by peers. Accepted papers will be presented orally at the conference.


2)     Posters. Posters should be submitted as a .pdf file and must also include an accompanying description, which must not exceed 2 pages following the standard ACM format. Printed posters in A1 format must be presented at the conference in dedicated poster sessions.


3)     Demos. Demos can be submitted by sending a video and a technical description, which must not exceed 2 pages  following the standard ACM format. Demos will be presented in dedicated demo sessions and/or at the party.



– Suggested topics for papers include but are not limited to:

– Participatory Design

– Design Process

– Human-Computer Interaction

– Ubiquitous Computing

– Multimodal Interaction

– Tangible User Interfaces

– Aesthetics of Interaction

– Experimental Design Game Design

– Design Methods

– Interaction Techniques

– Information visualisation

– Design cases

– Mobile computing



– Submission of papers, poster and demos: February 16, 2014

– Notice of acceptance: March 16, 2014

– Conference: April 10-11, 2014


*** See you in Stockholm! ****


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