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SIDeR 2015 Conference, Denmark

Datum: 27 mars, 2015
Plats: University of Southern Denmark and Design School Kolding.

Mer info:

SIDeR is an international forum for showcasing papers, demos and posters from interaction design students. The conference will take place 27-28 of March, 2015 and will be held in Kolding, jointly organised by students from the two educational programs in Interaction Design in Kolding: University of Southern Denmark and Design School Kolding.

THEME: Embodied Interactions
The conference theme for the 11th Student Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR 2015) is Embodied Interactions. Computers are getting smaller, more powerful, and closer to our bodies. We are witnessing a transition away from screen-based touch interfaces towards more intuitive and meaningful ways to interact with technology, ones that rely on the use of our body. At the same time, devices get strongly integrated with (web-based) services to serve their purposes. SIDeR 2015 provides a meeting ground for graduate students to exchange ideas concerning embodied interactions.

We are happy to announce Danielle Wilde from Australia as our first keynote speaker. She will present her work on ?Embodied Futures: Design Innovation and Embodied Engagement.