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Usable Privacy for the Web

Datum: 13 november, 2014
Plats: Karlstad stadsbibliotek

Julio Angulo, PhD student Karlstad University

Julio Angulo, PhD candidate at KAU (Karlstad University), working on usable privacy, i.e. usability questions pertaining to privacy and security functions of internet services, is just back from four months as an internship at Google Zürich and will speak about KAU and Google research on usable privacy in cloud services.

We will meet at the town library around 4 pm. The presentation start 16:15 and will last for 40 minutes after which questions and opinions can be voiced. Thereupon we decide for a pub for in-depth discussions and possibly some beverage.

Information about the event can be obtained from Professor John Sören Pettersson, john_soren.pettersson@kau.se

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